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Our services

WatchSeeker is a newly launched customer-centric concierge service dedicated to finding the perfect classical timepiece (wristwatch) for our clientele.

Our services:
1. Helping new customers on their journey to their first luxury watch;
2. Curating a personalised watch collection;
3. Sourcing new watches at the lowest available price.

Our business aims to provide a unique learning experience and also provide optimal pricing for luxury watches in the Australian market. We are in effect a broker or searcher or seeker of fine timepieces for the discerning lady or gentleman.

Fees & charges:
There are no fee or charges for the first watch we seek out for you, nor do we receive any kickbacks or commissions.

Subsequent watch searches incur a finders fee, which will be agreed with you at the commencement of the assignment. The finders’ fee will vary based on the nature of your individual request.

Other details:
Our watches will only be obtained from Authorised Dealers – as a result, we will not be able to extend our services to second-hand or grey-market products. However, we pride ourselves on having an extensive network that allows us to access a wider inventory and cheaper prices than what might be typically available to the general public.


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